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about schoolnet

SchoolNet is a collection of services that has been set up, by Easynet Ltd, to allow schools to offer pupils hands on experience of Internet technology in a group learning environment. Schools have unlimited space to publish their own publicity and information on the World Wide Web. These pages can be seen in the Schools Online section to the left. This enables schools to use the Internet to communicate with current and future parents and pupils who are now, or soon will be, online at home. Pupils are able to use information sources from around the world to gather research for projects. They will also be able to communicate with other schools locally, nationally, and internationally, both through email and their own web sites.


For more information about connectivity options, please contact:

The Education Team
Easynet Ltd
Lees House, 21-23 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 3FE
Tel: 0800 053 3500
Fax: 0845 333 5001