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The Keystage links and search engine on this page will help you find web pages for your area of interest that are available. To use the search engine please enter words of 4 characters or more, with a space between different words, in the box below. This will return web pages which contain all the words you list, it does not recognise words such as and, or and not. You can also click on the Keystages or subjects listed below, to be taken to a list of useful web pages for that area.

Home / 16 Plus / Languages

Advanced English vocabulary words from Latin-Greek sources
Advanced English vocabulary words with prefixes and roots for everyone! Vocabulary quizzes based on Latin and Greek words in English.
Last Modified: Tue Apr 24 22:41:09 2001
Department of Foreign Languages
With a Text and on-line German-English dictionary, Text and local German-English glossary, Dual language version German-English and a Self-correcting comprehension exercise.
Last Modified: Wed Aug 9 19:32:03 2000
Education, Language Learning and Learning Resources - The Digital Education Network
Digital Education Network is one of the Internet's main resources for educational information and online materials. Since 1995 we have been providing services for students and educational professionals and now have over 300,000 monthly visitors.
Spanish Home Page
Great for practising your Spanish!
URL: ...ges/spa1.html
Last Modified: Thu Oct 10 11:49:38 1996
WWW Resources for French as a Second Language Learning
Resources for Students and Teachers of French as a Second Language.
Last Modified: Wed Feb 28 00:54:21 2001

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