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The Keystage links and search engine on this page will help you find web pages for your area of interest that are available. To use the search engine please enter words of 4 characters or more, with a space between different words, in the box below. This will return web pages which contain all the words you list, it does not recognise words such as and, or and not. You can also click on the Keystages or subjects listed below, to be taken to a list of useful web pages for that area.

Home / 16 Plus / History

American Treasures Exhibition Online
A must for anybody who is interested in American History. A site dedicated to American 'treasures'. This site gives you access to American historical sources.
Last Modified: Tue May 11 18:45:26 1999
Archaeology Online
The magazine Archaeolgy web site. It has articles and links to everything archaeological, including an interactive dig!
Last Modified: Tue Oct 17 15:02:35 2000
A massive and interesting site which involves the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet.
Last Modified: Fri Nov 7 21:42:33 1997
Facing History and Ourselves
Facing History helps students find meaning in the past and recognize the need for participation and responsible decision making.
History of China
Since coming across the Army Area Handbook on China this author was inspired to write it out in a more pleasing format.
Last Modified: Tue Mar 10 18:43:13 1998
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
This is a virtual library to all Americans for the 21st Century.
Last Modified: Wed May 2 05:01:00 2001
JACT A Level Classical Civilisation Bureau
Welcome to the Home Page of the JACT A Level Classical Civilisation Bureau. This is a framed document, for which you are not set up. Go
Last Modified: Sun Apr 29 14:52:04 2001
Photography: India and Pakistan 1845-1947
A photographic history of India and Pakistan between 1845-1947
Last Modified: Thu Dec 21 03:37:16 2000
Spartacus Educational
A comprehensive site which includes The Encyclopedia of the First World War, The USA 1840 - 1960, Investigating the Vietnam War and more! Mainly biographical, yet a great source of information.
Last Modified: Tue Apr 24 16:32:28 2001
The WWW-VL History Index
Part of the Virtual Library, this is the Central Catalogue for History. A large site with many links.
Last Modified: Sun Apr 29 23:37:55 2001
Victorian Timeline
Victorian Timeline 1819. Queen Victoria is born 1820. Florence Nightingale is born 1826. First photograph taken by Joseph Nicophore Niepce. 1829. Catholic Emancipation, ending most denials or restrictions of Catholic civil rights, ownership of property, and holding of public office. 1834. Slavery banned in British colonies. 1835-1841. Brunel builds London to Bristol railway for
Last Modified: Thu Jan 8 00:12:15 1998
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Women Who Walk Through Time Video
Explore Earth Science- Learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, dinosaurs, glaciers, the ocean, geysers, rocks, minerals, fossils, and more! The Women Who Walk Through Time video and web site is appropriate for all 12-18 year olds, but is specifically designed to interest and encourage girls and young women in the earth sciences.
Last Modified: Tue Feb 2 00:55:28 1999

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